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Curb Fox Equipment, LLC manufactures and maintains slipform pavers worldwide, making us your top resource for unbeatable, high performance concrete paving equipment ideal for curbs, curb and gutter, channel, sidewalk, and small barrier application


Curb Fox 5000-T

Greater Paving Capability

Durable and ideal for operation in just about any subgrade environment, Curb Fox 5000-T features three track drive to slip form all types of curb and gutter, sidewalk up to 10ft / 3m wide, and countless custom shapes.


Curb Fox 5000 Slipformer

Built for Contractor Work

As winner of the Top Rollout Award for 2005 from Better Roads Magazine, CF5000 is the perfect equipment for contractors who need a larger unit to pave curb and gutter in the offset position without sacrificing tight radius and precision control.

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We invite you to see how well our concrete paving machines and slipform paving equipment operates on the jobsite. We have video samples of all of our major equipment models from basic curb machines to advanced Slipform machines.

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Curb Fox

Since 1990, we’ve been building and upgrading innovative curbing machines and slipform paving equipment that drives the roadwork industry.

Curb Fox 5000 Slipformer

The CF5000 combines all-wheel drive and added weight for better traction without sacrificing user control capability. The CF5000 represents years of equipment feedback from dedicated contractors and lifelong road workers.

Curb Fox 5000-T

As our biggest seller, CF5000-T provides high performance paving capability for diverse applications. Fully operable in almost any subgrade conditions, the CF5000-T features three track drive, greater standard horsepower and weight, and slip forms all types of curb and gutter, sidewalk up to 10ft / 3m, and a wide range of special shapes.

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We tried other curb and gutter machines for small radius work, but were never totally successful. Then we tried the Curb Fox. After some initial changes and modifications for our application, it has really worked well.

Dave Wallace
Concrete Paving Contractors
Redlands, CA

Your service is tremendous…beyond all my expectations!

Ravi Jaimungalsingh
Online General Contractors
Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies.

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