Superior Performance Through Quality Equipment

Superior Performance Through Quality Equipment

Superior Performance Through Quality Equipment

Superior Performance Through Quality Equipment

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Curb Fox Equipment, LLC

Contractors worldwide are reducing costs, increasing production and improving reliability with high quality Curb Fox slipform curbing machines (kerbing machines in other parts of the world). All Curb Fox slipformers are highly mobile, and very simple to operate. Yet Curb Fox curb and gutter machines are far more productive than other small slipformers. And downtime is dramatically reduced by the top quality components built into every Curb Fox machine.

With over 100 years of slipforming experience, the people at Curb
Fox Equipment understand customer needs and job conditions. So
Curb Fox offers several different sizes in order to meet those needs.

Complete Line of Quality Curb Machines

First is the most economical, automatic slipform curbing machine on the market today– the Curb Fox 2000. For small curbs and optional curb and gutter, no curb machine is more affordable than the Curb Fox 2000.

Next is the mid-size Curb Fox 3000 curb and gutter machine. With options like a belt conveyor for faster feeding, and tracks for high flotation in soft conditions, the CF3000 is very versatile.

The all-wheel drive Curb Fox 5000 handles the full range of curb and gutter applications, plus sidewalk. Equipped with a standard belt conveyor, the CF5000 achieves higher production even in poor job conditions.

Finally, the Curb Fox 5000-T all-track paver slipforms a wider range of applications. Plus, the standard CF5000-T curb & gutter machine has slipformed over one mile/1625 m per day on certain jobs.

Around the World with Curb Fox

Quality curb and gutter machines are in demand everywhere. From
the United States to Russia, to India, to Australia, to Botswana, to Mexico and to Canada, Curb Fox slipformers have proven themselves to be up to the job. With units working on six continents, Curb Fox Equipment is the unquestioned worldwide leader in small curbing machines. Find out how you can achieve superior performance with a quality Curb Fox slipform paver.

Contact Curb Fox Equipment today to get complete information and pricing via our web form or give us a call at 1-704-638-0405.